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After a while the brake pads in your Toyota will evenetually wear down. The wear and tear of the brakes and brake pads in your Toyota is completely dependent upon your driving style. When not properly inspected or monitored, brake wear can cause expensive repairs and major issues down the road. Luckily the majority of modern brake systems are designed with a wear indicator. Once your brake pads begin to run low the wear indicator will make a distinctive squealing noise. When you replace your Toyota's brake pads as necessary, you can prevent warping or completely damaging your brake rotors. Our Certified Toyota technicians at Gray-Daniels Toyota are trained to inspect your entire brake system, not only your brake pads, to ensure the entire system is working properly. Schedule your brake service online today!

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Here at Gray-Daniels Toyota we take Toyota service seriously. Our top concern is getting you and your vehicle back on the road safely. Our certified Toyota techs are thorough and check the wear on your brake pads, the brake lines, wear on your brake rotors, and even top off your brake fluid for you! On top of OEM quality service, you can expect to save at Gray-Daniels with plenty of deals and offers to give you additional savings. Whether you need brake service or service for any other part of your Toyota, make sure to schedule online and save time! 

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Brake service is common and nothing to be worried about. Brake maintenance is scheduled in your manual but brake pad wear is completely dependant on your driving. If you experience constant stop and go traffic, find yourself squeezing the brake pedal often, or simply do not feel enough brake pressure, you may need brake service earlier than expected. 

Signs of Brake Pad Wear

  • Squealing
    • If you hear screeching sounds when you brake the indicator may be letting you know it is time to get your brake pads replacd
  • Grinding
    • If you hear or feel any grinding or metal contact it may be time for brake pad replacement
  • Vibrating
    • If you feel your brake pedal vibrating this is a sign of severe brake pad wear or brake rotor warping

Brake Rotor Replacement | Brake Rotor Service in Brandon

While brake pad replacements are common, brake rotors should also be routinely inspected. Brake rotors have a longer life than brake pads, however excessive use may cause them to need replacing. Alternately, if you have been driving on excessively worn brake pads you run the risk of warping your brake rotors, which will call for your rotors to be replaced. Find offers and deals on both brake pads and brake rotor service and/or replacement exclusively at Gray-Daniels Toyota

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It all starts with Toyota service. When you come in for an oil change or any other routine service, we'll make sure to inspect your brake pads to ensure they are being worn evenly and on schedule. If we notice excessive wear we will make sure to notify you so you can prepare to service your brake pads ahead of time. The sooner you inform yourself on your brake pad wear, the more you reduce the risk of warping your brake rotors with worn brake pads. Schedule your routine service at Gray-Daniels Toyota today!

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