How To Tell If You Need New Tires?




When it comes to comfort in your car, your first thought may bring you to the leather interior of your Camry XLE, or the legroom of a 4Runner but there’s actually a larger piece of equipment that directly affects the driving experience in your Toyota. Your tires, surprisingly, are the most important factors that influence the driving detail of your car, truck, or SUV. As the final contact patch to the ground, tires serve…

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Toyota is Ready for Back 2 School


We are approaching the end of summer. It’s almost back to school season! Toyota wants to ensure you and your kids are ready! Your car also has to be prepared as well.


Think for a second.

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Father's Day with Toyota

Father’s Day is the 17th of June! Do you have the best dad? If so, you need to get him the best gift!

Read on below to decide what to get your father this June!

Is your father into sports? Support his favorite team by getting him a license plate frame with his favorite team, a sports t-shirt or jersey.

Is your father a sharp dresser? Head to your local mall and look…

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Driving Your Toyota This Summer

Summer time means increased travel. People are going to barbecue, attend parades, and volunteer or attend camp.

If you plan on going on a road trip or driving around town in your Toyota it is most important that your car has gotten its service to ensure safety and reliability. Getting your tires checked, oil changed, and having your car fully inspected is a must! To schedule an appointment visit our specials page for our latest…

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Applications That Improve Traveling

Traveling has changed and improved thanks to technology.  Directions, communication, and planning has improved thanks to technology. Instead of paper maps and pay phones all of these during travel is available at your fingertips. Apple and Android applications have revolutionized this!

Open up your phone and visit some of these applications in your Apple or Android store.



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Be Prepared for Spring Break

Things to check before you head to the beach:
  • Tires
  • Battery
  • Oil
  • Brakes
  • Wiper Blades
  • Antifreeze

Before taking your family on your Spring break destination it is important to perform the basic six-point checklist to ensure safety, efficiency and performance during your drive.

The six point checklist includes checking your: tires, battery, oil, brakes, wiper blades, and antifreeze.


A tires pressure is very important to your cars ability to run efficiently and prevent a…

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Throwback Car-Ride Games

In the age of technology, we are easily entertained with the new car entertainment systems, phones, and tablets. Car rides are mean to bond with your family or friends. On your next car-ride or road trip take out your ear buds and put your phones down to pass the time with these throwback car-ride games, but remember it’s all in good fun so don’t get too competitive!


Did you hear that? This is a fun pop-culture take on fact or fiction. Take turns by asking, “Did you hear __ happened?” The other person needs…

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Toyota: The World's Greenest Automaker

How is the month of December going for you? Things are great here at Gray-Daniels Toyota. We are selling lots of cars, and helping many customers with service issues that arise. The blog post this month is centers around our recent award from Newsweek as “The World’s Greenest Automaker”. Read up and enjoy!

524 × 276


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Holiday Travel Tips

How is the month of November going for you so far?  Things are busy as ever on our end! Our dedicated staff has been busy helping customers get into the vehicle of their dreams. The blog post this month will help as you prepare for holiday travel. It is essential that your vehicle is in the best shape possible when you hit the road. 


The first topic of conversation is tires! One of the best moves to make is to stop at a gas station in order to check your tire pressure, along with inflating them if necessary. Under inflated…
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Toyota Leads The Pack In Sales

As October comes to an end, we hope that all is well! Things are busy as ever here at the dealership. We have been selling Toyota vehicles left and right, along with providing the best customer service around for those that come in for service related issues. As always, our focus is on providing the best customer service around. Our blog post today is about the excellent sales numbers our company posted recently. We are leading the pack compared to other automotive companies, and will continue to keep pace! Read up and enjoy this post! 


We are pleased to announce…
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