The Infamous Toyota Supra: The Legend Returns in 2019


The Toyota Supra has been coveted for decades ever since its departure in the US market in 1998. Regarded as one of Toyota’s most successful sports car of all time, the Toyota Supra was an out of the box glory, effortlessly combining performance and handling that was ahead of its time. So ahead in fact, that sales slumped towards the latter years that forced Toyota to pull out of the US in 1998, and axe the car altogether in 2002 as the demand for sports cars drastically declined. As is everything in life, you never truly value what you have until it’s gone, and such was the case for the Toyota Supra. Finding fame on the big screen in the Fast and Furious series, the Toyota Supra soon became a household name once tuners and racers alike shared photos and film of the highly potent 2JZ motor from the Toyota Supra shattering records across the world.

Once current CEO Akio Toyoda took over in 2009 he vowed to renew the racing spirit of Toyota Motor Corporation and reignite the passion of automotive enthusiasts in regards to the Toyota brand. The road has been a long one, with several concept cars such as the FT-HS and FT-1 being introduced in hopes of becoming a production ready sports car to revive the segment. Many have come and gone but finally in the latter part of 2018 the 2019 Toyota Supra was officially confirmed.


The official OEM spec model is awaiting unveiling at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show in January, yet we have all but seen the entire car in one form or another through camouflaged prototypes and an appearance in the VLN race series in Germany this year. The Supra heritage is clear however, with rear wheel drive and an inline-six staying true to the legacy, and power outputs expected to be in the mid 300+ range. Handling will be true to the original as well, with a perfect 50/50 weight distribution. For those that care for precise measurements, here are the known figures to date:

·        Wheelbase: 97.2 inches

·        Length: 172.4 inches

·        Width: 73 inches

·        Height: 50.8 inches

·        Weight: 3284 lbs

The only other figure we are unsure of is the price, but as Toyota executives imply, expect it to be a lot higher than the only current Toyota sports car, the 86, which starts at $26,000.

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