Throwback Car-Ride Games

In the age of technology, we are easily entertained with the new car entertainment systems, phones, and tablets. Car rides are mean to bond with your family or friends. On your next car-ride or road trip take out your ear buds and put your phones down to pass the time with these throwback car-ride games, but remember it’s all in good fun so don’t get too competitive!


Did you hear that? This is a fun pop-culture take on fact or fiction. Take turns by asking, “Did you hear __ happened?” The other person needs to either say “That didn’t happen,” or “Please tell me more.” If they answer with the former, and are correct they get two points. If they answer incorrectly you gain the points. If you are asked tell me more and it’s correct they get double points.

Fortunately, Unfortunately This is a play on positive, negative story telling. Start by saying something fortunate. The next person follows by saying something unfortunate about the previous situation.  For example, fortunately I get to try Hershey Ice Cream for the first time. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to smell the farms along the way. If someone stutters they get a strike. Like baseball, three strikes they’re out.

Categories- Pick a category like cars, food, colors. Then go throughout the alphabet naming things in that category. For example: Category is food: Apple, Banana, Carrot, Danish.

Word Association- Start with a word then follow with a word that is associated with the previous word until someone messes up. Example: Tomato à Pizza à Italy à Love à Valentine’s Day

I Spy- Someone chooses something in the car, and starts describing its characteristics. The other passengers need to guess what it is they are describing. Start off by saying, “I spy with my little eye, something…”

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