Toyota Will Always Have a Spot for Cars


If you’re not currently involved in the automotive industry, you may have not noticed the subtle disappearance of passenger cars in the new car market, yet in a few years you’ll have a hard time finding many options if you are in search of a coupe or sedan. Ford has announced removing all cars in the US minus the Mustang, and General Motors told the media it would quit funding all plants that make car models. Reports on the automotive consumer market note an alarming 30% decrease in car sales for November 2018. Decreasing gas prices and demands for more cabin room has pushed the market towards crossovers, SUVs, and trucks with no end in sight.

Amidst all the drastic changes in the automotive industry, Toyota North America CEO Jim Lentz assures that Toyota will stay true to its passenger car lineup. Even with the 30% dip, the automotive industry still collectively sells 4 million units in the US, with the SUV & Truck market seeing an increase from consumers who switch over. Toyota intends to double down during these dark times, looking to increase its market share in the passenger car space as more and more automakers focus on SUVs and trucks, With decreased competition, Toyota hopes to embolden its nameplate as the consumer choice for passenger vehicles. New models such as the Corolla hatchback, Corolla hybrid, and Prius AWDe are still fully intended to come down the pipeline and look to bring in consumers that would otherwise shop with other brands. Not all cars will be spared however, as Toyota will still work to increase the efficiency of its lineup for future consumer demands. Models such as the Toyota Yaris, the Toyota 86, and the Toyota Prius C may see the end of their lifecycle in the near future.

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