Tips On Saving Money At The Pump


We know that all drivers would like to save a little money at the pump! Our blog post this month goes into detail on the many ways that you can save a little money. 

1. Stay on top of maintaining and checking your engine 

It is well worth your time to ensure that your vehicle is regularly maintained and serviced. Repairing a car that's not tuned can save gas mileage by an average of 4%. Replacing a malfunctioning oxygen sensor can improve your MPG up to 40%.
2. Drive slow, take it easy

Road rage? Keep a cool head and try not to resort to some poor driving habits, such as:

Jackrabbit starts (rapidly accelerating from a stop)
Stopping short (braking hard at the last possible second)
Weaving (constantly changing lanes to get around other cars)

Aggressive driving is not good for your vehicle. At highway speeds, they can reduce your fuel economy by as much as 33% (not to mention cause premature wear on your tires and brakes). Slow down! When you hit 60 MPH your gas mileage starts to dramatically decrease. When you reduce your speed you save on gas mileage as well.

3. Utilize cruise control

Cruise control helps you keep a steady speed, but also stops your from wasting gas. Cruise control improves gas mileage by controlling your maximum speed and maintaining a constant speed

4. Cut the air condition down a bit

The colder the interior of your vehicle, the harder the engine works. It can actually drain 10-15% of your fuel when temperatures reach 80 degrees or higher. So save the AC until you're on the highway and enjoy the breeze through your city. BUT, at speeds of 50 MPH or more, the drag of the windows will cost more in fuel efficiency.

5. Inflate those tires

Deflated tires are no good. Tires with low air pressure are dangerous to drive on and cost you so much in fuel. Keeping air in your tires will make your drive a little easier and save you so much fuel.

6. Hold-off on the gas guzzlers

Choose the type of vehicle that you purchase wisely. If you're unhappy with the mileage you’re using on your current vehicle, you could trade it in at our store for a more fuel efficient vehicle.
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