2017 Toyota RAV4: What You Need To Know

How is everything going this month on your end? Things are great here at Gray-Daniels Toyota! We are selling lots of cars, and providing the best advice on service repairs as well when needed. The blog post this month touches on specifics on the 2017 Toyota RAV4. We strive to be a knowledge base where are customers can learn all they can about Toyota vehicles. Read up and enjoy!
Let’s first take a look at some of the many safety features. It is essential that technology assist in getting you from point A to point B. The 2017 Toyota RAV4 does just that! Lane Departure Alert (LDA) makes sure to respond when you do things such as leaving the lane or swerving. Being quickly alerted goes a long way in preventing accidents. Steering Assist combined with LDA also steps in to provide corrective steering when needed.  Dynamic Radar Cruise Control(DRCC) is a neat feature that automatically adjust speed in order for you to maintain the proper distance between your vehicle, and the vehicle in front of you. Pre-Collision with Pedestrian Detection is another added security feature. The technology alerts you to possible collisions near you, and even implements automatic braking and collision avoidance mechanisms if needed. 

An innovative 5-door Smart Key System provides access to the car by simply touching the door handle or lift gate. This is a very convenient feature. A hands-free, foot activated liftgate comes equipped on the RAV4 Platinum. If your hands are full of groceries and you can’t open the trunk this will come in handy. A sensor picks up your key fob, and the trunk opens when you put your leg under the middle of the rear bumper. 

At Gray-Daniels Toyota we will continue to keep you up to date regarding our newer model vehicles. Take a look at our inventory of 2017 Toyota RAV4 vehicles here.

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